Saturday, September 24, 2016


Possessed!? Alibi Jones was taken over by something! As our last installment ended, he left the bridge of his Cruiser headed for the airlock - at the same time a giant alien ghost ship reappeared! Who or what has Alibi in its grip? Find out as The Adventures of Alibi Jones continue in Chapter Thirty of Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest! Free audio science fiction every week from your host, the author and narrator Mike Luoma, on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where Is My Aunt?!

Speaking with the enemy? Alibi Jones is on the line with Nikko Constantine trying to find out where Alibi's Aunt Anita has disappeared to – on a mission Constantine sent her on! Chapter Twenty-Nine of Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest - The Adventures of Alibi Jones continue! Mike Luoma, your host, the author and narrator brings you free audio science fiction every week on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Now In Print - "Introducing... RED HOT!" - The Graphic Novel

 Introducing... RED HOT - Graphic Novel
76 pages - Full Color.
Digital $2.99 - Print $11.99

How Do You Prove You’re A Hero? 

Using inherited fire powers, Red Hot is hoping to figure that out as he follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather – the original and second “Red Hots”. It’s not easy! Red Hot stakes out a bank when he’s tipped off that it’s supposed to be robbed. The thief, however, is the last person Red Hot expects. They turn the tables and leave Red Hot to take the blame!
“Introducing… RED HOT!” is a super hero coming-of-age story and an introduction to a whole world of heroes. You’ll meet THE TEAM, the premier group of powered people working today, and their founder Mind Man. Only… Mind Man isn’t quite himself right now! As Red Hot tries to find out why that is – and tries to prove himself to THE TEAM in the process – his actions will have lethal consequences.

Writing, Letters, Editing & Layout by MIKE LUOMA. 
Character Design and Part One Art by RHYS AP GWYN.
Parts Two and Three Art by JUAN CARLOS QUATTORDIO.

**Bonus Section** Check out early designs of the heroes by Mike and Rhys and page art in various stages from Rhys and Juan Carlos at the back of the graphic novel!

Shining A Light On... Arc Iris

Opening bands can be welcome surprises or simply annoying... it can be worth heading to a show a little early to catch the opener - you may discover something new worth listening to and checking out further. Love it when that happens! Mentioned in my write-up on Caveman that I'd seen them opening for Phosphorescent in Burlington. Saw Arc Iris open for FREEMAN - Aaron Freeman of Ween's new band at the time - back in September of 2014 at Higher Ground in South Burlington. To say I was intrigued is putting it mildly!

The band made an instant impression as they appeared onstage with a sense of theatricality and an awareness of creating a presence. Band leader Jocie Adams often appears in a shiny silver or gold body suit, and the band occasionally displays exotic face make-up including gems and other glittering enhancements. Adams uses several props including a ladder - useful when she deploys giant silver wings during their performances. Their music veers from old-timey show tune sensibilities to expansive experimental electronic rock - no sound is out of bounds if it contributes to the effect of the song and the performance.

Adams' sense of theatricality and performance permeates the Arc Iris live show, recalling both the art-rock and glitter era of David Bowie and the prog rock, costumed era of the Peter Gabriel-led Genesis. Adams and company are fearless in service of their art - they go for it, even as an opener, or during their later residency the next spring at Burlington's Skinny Pancake when they seemed to be chasing out the dinner crowd Friday nights. Check out this UK performance from that early period:

Adams is joined in Arc Iris by keyboard maestro Zachary Tenorio-Miller and percussionist Ray Belli; cellist Robin Ryczek also played the live shows I caught that first year (total digression - Ray has a cool podcast - check out his Words for Granted on the development of individual words in our wacky English language). Over their residency and as the band built a following in Vermont and began appearing more often in town, one could hear new songs being developed and worked out.

Without knowing actual titles, the songs became known in my mind by a significant phrase in the tune - such as "...Give the Worried Man A Rose". Turned out that song was actually called "Kaleidoscope" - and it was the first track released from Arc Iris' brand-new album Moon Saloon:

Moon Saloon is out now - check out the AMAZING VIDEO for the title tack as well:

If you're intrigued, do a YouTube search for more. Check out the rest of Moon Saloon. And? The band puts so much into their performance - it's worth seeking them out to see them perform live. There are Eastern US dates, European shows in October and November, and Western US dates after those - more info over on the Arc Iris site.

UPDATE: Arc Iris just played live for NPR - Check out the performance!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Don't Shoot!

Alibi Jones is hurtling towards and about to get shot at by a Solar Alliance starship's large guns. He'd like to avoid that! Can he? Listen to Chapter Twenty-Eight of Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest and find out, as The Adventures of Alibi Jones continue. Mike Luoma, your writer, host and reader brings you more on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio - free audio science fiction every week! 

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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Patient Or Prisoner?

Alibi Jones has to wonder – is he a patient or a prisoner on Ceres Central? As they're talking about amputating his leg without asking his opinion, he's beginning to feel more like the latter – and a lab rat! Can his old friend Krish help him "escape"? Find out in Chapter Twenty-Seven of Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest!  Mike Luoma, your writer, host and reader brings you more of The Adventures of Alibi Jones on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio - free audio science fiction every week! 

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shining A Light On... Caveman

Another in my occasional series looking at bands and music - this time it's Brooklyn's Caveman and their new album Otero War, released in June. Seems like it's been longer, but that's because the first single "Never Going Back" came our way back in February. They're a band I'd been looking out for, so I listened to the song first day it was released. Good Stuff! This kind of "throwback" video came out in May:

Caveman opened up for Phosphorescent two years earlier when he played his 2nd show in Burlington on the Muchacho tour, at Arts Riot. They were great! Immediately got my hands on their first release Coco Beware and their self-titled second album. Liked Coco Beware better, but both were just good indie rock - lot of promise, not a lot of polish. And not exactly what I'd heard live, either.

"Never Going Back" showed their promise fulfilled with strong songwriting, and the production was certainly more polished - vocals more up front, less murk in the mix. Great smart pop with a nice edge. When the album arrived it was nice to discover the entire project was a great step forward for the band. I give you "All My Life" from near the end of the album as further proof of their  pop mastery.

Lest you think they've sold out, they close right after that with "I Need You In My Life" which recalls their earlier indie styles... passion and pounding and murk galore! The rest of the songs fall somewhere between the smart-pop and indie-murk, with a well-crafted intensity.  It's a good listen as an album - stands up as a nice overall piece of work!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Shining A Light On... Bear's Den

Posted the first of these earlier tonight. Not sure how often I'll do 'em, but given I'm just starting, thought another one right off might not be so bad. Already know for sure who my first four of these are about, anyway. Lead the series with Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt. Now, let me introduce you to Bear's Den.

You really should know Bear's Den.

The UK band's new album Red Earth and Pouring Rain was independently released here in the States a month ago on July 22nd. It brings a slight shift in sound for the band, who lost banjo player and vocalist Joey Haynes earlier this year and are now the duo of Andrew Davie and Kevin Jones. One of the best songs is "Auld Wives", their lead track.

First heard Bear's Den when they released a pair of EPs three years ago, Without/Within and Agape in 2013, soon followed by Islands in 2014, the band's full-length debut. "Agape" from that album and the like-titled EP remains one of my favorite songs of the last five or so years (that's the Greek term for transcendent Love and not the description of a wide-open mouth, by the way... ).

Start with Islands. It's a beautiful album. And if you're taken by it, pick up Red Earth..., but know that things have shifted to include more synth and beats for a less folky sound. Plus, there's less banjo and one less voice, makes it different. Still good, but perhaps a bit smoother and shinier than I liked my Bear's Den.

Shining A Light On... Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt "Invention of Knowledge"

This is the first in my new Glow-in-the-Dark Radio series "Shining A Light On..." where I get into new releases you might not hear on traditional radio. As the music director of a very cool Adult Album Alternative radio station, The Point (, I receive a ton of new releases all the time. Only a fraction of those end up garnering airplay, even on a station as adventurous as ours.

This occasional column will cover those worth mentioning and checking out - even if they're not destined for radio airplay. I'll include videos where available and links to Amazon or other outlets for purchasing - as I'm in Vermont, which doesn't allow it, these are not affiliate links and I earn no money from them. Just so you know.

Wanted to begin with an album that came out at the end of June, Jon Anderson (Yes) and Roine Stolt (Flower Kings) have teamed up to create a new album in the tradition of Jon's older work - Yes music. And Invention of Knowledge in some ways does sound like a new Yes album, or perhaps a newly discovered lost Yes album released some time around Relayer in the mid 1970's. The Yes album it is drawing the most comparisons to, thanks to the instrumentation and lyrical content is Tales from Topographic Oceans, though that is such a singular and unique work it is perhaps folly to draw too close a comparison.

I'd rather not dance too much about architecture, so take a listen to this official release of "Knowing" and see what you think...

If that suits you, pick up the whole album and enjoy some of the finest Yes music made in years! One note... If Chris Squire were still alive, I wouldn't call this Yes music, but only out of respect for Squire. With him gone, it's really Jon who carries this torch now, and in some ways he's always been the spiritual center of Yes, which is where this album resides.

You can find Jon Anderson/Roine Stolt Invention of Knowledge now at Amazon