Saturday, May 10, 2008

Looking For Artists/Collaborator: Super Hero

I'm going to pitch this but have no guarantee it will be picked up. This should at least be a web comic, so we may be able to make some cash that way. No illusions, no promises. You feel like taking the chance? Read on...

I'm looking for an illustrator for PROOF. It's a three issue mini about how you prove yourself as a super hero, told from the POV of RED HOT, a third-generation hero trying to make a name for himself and failing miserably. In issue #1 he tries to stop a bank robbery he's tipped off on, only to find that the "robber" is MIND MAN, another better-established hero!

More in a bit.

I'm Mike Luoma, a writer and artist, mostly writer. I've just put out a second edition of my Holy Shit: Or... Pat Robertson Is The Anti-Christ which I wrote, drew and self published. And Troy Brownfield on Newsarama raved: "'s for books like this one that I love doing this column... a damn fine example of what 'independent comic' really means. The fact that it's entertaining, informative and occasionally gut-bustingly funny is all icing..."

I'm also putting out Panthea Obscura: Deifornication with Juan Carlos Quattordio. Newsarama said, "Brought to you by Mike Luoma, the guy who did the sublime Holy ____!: Or Pat Robertson Is The Anti-Christ, Panthea Obscura trades heavily on two trademarks that Luoma established in that earlier book: a fine eye for cultural weirdness, and lacerating humor..."

So there's that...

PROOF features a lived in universe where the heroes have come together as "The Team", originally led by the enigmatic MIND MAN and now under the auspices of strongman LEADER ONE. RED HOT's father was the original RED HOT and his grandfather was REDDY HOTMAN, both members of The Team in their day. RED HOT wants to prove he can join the ranks of The Team.

The scripts for all three issues are done. A couple years back I was approached by a now-defunkt company interested my writing. They commissioned me to do scipts for their superhero line, were interested in a horror graphic novel I was developing, and they were talking about adapting my science fiction novel "Vatican Assassin" to the graphic form. Unfortunately, the company fell apart, I made no money, but there were no hard feelings... PROOF was a concept I adapted to fit the company's characters... now I'm taking it back and retooling it, taking it back to the original concept and form.

If you're still reading, thanks! If you're interested in maybe collaborating on this, drop me a line at My website is