Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mike Luoma Publishing news

Panthea Obscura #4
is finally available in PRINT! The comic has been, and continues to be available online at – but now you can get your hands on the hard copy: Issue Four is available through Indy Planet for $3.99, and will soon be on sale at Earth Prime Comics in Burlington, Vermont. Comic Book Resources columnist Steven Grant said Panthea Obscura...reminds me of some of the better independent comics published in the late 70's...” Click on the link above to pick up a copy today, or just head over to for links to all my books, free downloads and free audiobooks.

Speaking of Panthea Obscura, congratulations to Jason Buddenhagen who won my Panthea Obscura contest over at Cosmic Book News (! He correctly identified the “god-name” of Kyle Dogg - “Fear-Eater”! He's won the autographed Special Edition of Panthea Obscura #2 that I put together for 2PiCon in 2007.

I've just put together a magazine, too – Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Magazine! Issue One is on sale now over at My hope is to expand the number of contributors and advertisers to increase the variety of the offerings inside and to reduce the cover price of the magazine as time goes on. For now, it serves as a $5 sampler of my work (99 cent download!). The magazine is loaded with my writing and illustrations. It even includes a grayscale version of the first issue of Panthea Obscura. The first two chapters of Vatican Assassin are in it as well. The first five of my Mike Luoma's Making It Up! Columns from Cosmic Book News have been synthesized down into one long piece on the making of “Holy Shit” and “Panthea Obscura #1”, and I've also included “Holy Shit: The Second Coming!” a short comic sequel to my “Holy Shit: Or... Pat Robertson Is The Anti-Christ”. It's all just five dollars or ninety-nine cents to download and it's on sale now, links at

That's what's happening!