Friday, February 26, 2010

Ain't It Cool News Comics Reviews Vatican Assassin #1

Pretty Cool Review! Halfway down the page - under "Indie Jones":

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Glow in the Dark Radio Comics

A few years back, Mike Luoma sent me a comic called HOLY SHIT OR PAT ROBERTSON IS THE ANTI-CHRIST. In my review, I tried very hard to be constructive, but ended up giving it a pretty negative review. Basically, I panned the book as barely a comic since it basically was a bunch of splash pages with text adorning either side of the page. The subject, as the title would indicate, was religion. And the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. After reading VATICAN ASSASSIN, Luoma’s follow-up, it appears that the writer took some time to gain understanding of comics. VA reads in a much clearer way, with a definite plot and a theme that may be appealing to some. In the future, the moon has become a hotbed of political and religious turmoil. The Muslim-dominated Mars colonies constantly pose a threat to the moon’s Catholic Church, forcing them to enlist a man known as BC, the Vatican Assassin. That’s the plot, and as you see, it’s of the religified variety. Religion is often a hard sell in comics, and I have to give it to Luoma for writing what he feels passionately about. The book is still as indie as you can get with capable and oft times nicely angled panels, suffering from the usual stiffness of characters that one often associates with indie books. VATICAN ASSASSIN is a much more digestible read than Luoma’s first book, and I have to commend the author for evolving and showing a lot of growth from his first project to this one.