Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chapter 10 of VATICAN AMBASSADOR & A Song on the New Podcast!

Hear Chapter Ten of my Science Fiction Adventure Vatican Ambassador on today's episode of the Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast! The peace conference organized by BC has just broken up - what can he do to keep the process moving ahead? Can he get the sides to meet again and really broker peace? Will the Pope make BC a full ambassador? Find out in chapter ten!

You'll hear my musing on consumer culture, the tune "Gimme" from my Brother Zag - Kitchen Tunes collection. Playing the song in honor of the fact that my music has a new home online at Bandcamp - download songs for free!

There's news about some of my projects, like the Vatican Assassin Graphic Novel Adaptation with art by Cristian Navarro, and an Alibi Jones one-shot for Earthbound Comics that's still in the early planning stages, as well as a little report on my adventures at 5Pi-Con last week. Met and moderated panels with Robert Sawyer who wrote Flash Forward and Rob Balder the creator of Erfworld, as well as Steve Kanaras from Free Lunch Comics. Also met the creators of the webisodic sitcom 664 The Neighbor of the Beast - they do some funny stuff!

Links to content discussed:
Robert J. Sawyer:
Rob Balder:
Season One of 664 The Neighbor of the Beast: