Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Eldred – Aliens – Arrive En Masse – Battle Begins!

This week's new Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast features a favorite chapter from my Vatican Assassin Trilogy! You'll hear an epic space battle as Chapter 19 of Vatican Abdicator unfolds! Humankind is reaching for the stars. The Eldred are determined to stop us from reaching too far. Their ships are about to arrive in great numbers as they attempt to keep us within the confine of our Solar System...

Want to read the first novel in the trilogy in graphic form? Artist Cristian Navarro and I are adapting it as a comic book, issue-by-issue, and we're now releasing Vatican Assassin #3! Read it as a free webcomic - the new pages go up Wednesdays and Fridays. Read Good Samaritan: Unto Dust free on the web for a time, too! There are new "trailers" for Good Samaritan: Unto Dust #1and doodle-rama to watchThe links for all follow below. Links to everything can also be found on my homepage: