Saturday, March 05, 2011

Brand New Audiobook Short Story - Alibi Jones: Blind Eye - Exclusively on the New Podcast!

A BRAND NEW START! Today's new Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast sees the beginning of the adventures of ALIBI JONES! The perfect time to start listening!

It's 2135 - Alibi is in the SAIF (Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force) Mediation Corps. He handles negotiations between humanity and alien races, and occasionally oversees negotiations betweenalien races. He's the adopted son of the former head of the Solar Alliance, Anita Capituna, his "Aunt Anita".

HEAR NEW, EXCLUSIVE SCIENCE FICTION ON TODAY'S EPISODE - THE AUDIO SHORT ALIBI JONES: BLIND EYE! At a diplomatic function he attends on his aunt's behalf, Alibi hears talk of people buying into a new settlement. But the news sounds suspicious - could "Poyas" be more con job than colony? And what is Alibi's old girlfriend Shirra doing messed up in it?

It's an audiobook short story based on the script to the comic book short found in Earthbound Comics' Spacebound! #1 featuring art by Meisha. You can get a copy of Spacebound #1 from the online store Indy Planet - linkage: - or get the 16 page Alibi Jones: Blind Eye comic for the Amazon Kindle for just 99 cents here: Read preview pages at And as always there are more of my books & lots of free downloads at my website: