Saturday, April 09, 2011

Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast Episode 150!!

The one-hundred and fiftieth podcast episode I have recorded, uploaded and sent out into the world under the Glow-in-the-Dark Radio name is now out multiplying into the ether!

Doing this almost five years! Started in September of 2006 with a free feed from a now defunct podcast provider. Now we're on iTunes an' everythin'!
If you're checking out the podcast for the first time, welcome! I'm podcaster and science fiction writer Mike Luoma. I read from my books on this 'cast - science fiction adventure, chapter by chapter, free! Today, it's Chapter Five of my book Alibi Jones on this episode, but have no fear - there's a quick recap of the beginning to bring you up to speed before we get into the chapter itself. In the chapter, Alibi is trying to calculate a new Transpace Jump Point. When he goes looking for some needed information, he discovers just why the bridge of the ship they're on smells so bad...
After the chapter there's some CRAZY EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL!! Still writing the first draft of the next Alibi Jones novel, but I'm still going to read from it anyway on this episode! Who are The Devrizium?Are they really so Xenophobic they kill anyone who "soils" them with their presence? Find out more in an excerpt from Alibi #2 - but wait, there's more - AND hear more about these aliens in an excerpt from the script for the forthcoming comic book short story Alibi Jones: About Time. That's two huge chunks of previously unreleased material - unreleased in ANY form. There are slight spoilers and some early reveals in this stuff. Even if you've already heard or read Alibi Jones you may enjoy these glimpses of Alibi Jones' future. You might like the CONTEST, too - win a signed copy of the now-rare first edition of Alibi Jones!
150 Podcasts beginning in September of 2006... Did you know the name Glow-in-the-Dark Radio goes back even further? It's what I called my college radio show beginning back in the fall of 1984. It was also the name of my radio show on WIZN-FM when I did evenings there in the mid 90s - too good a name to give up - There's some more exclusive background material for you.
Mentioned the new T-Shirts on the 'cast. Here's the coolest of them (just got one myself):
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