Monday, January 09, 2012

Good Time to get My Books - Lulu Giving 25% Off All My Titles!

Lulu wants to sell books. I'd like to sell some of my books. We've got a sort of conspiracy going working towards those mutual ends. They send me emails - give me coupon codes. Then I try to entice you to follow some links to my books with said codes and the promise of a discount. Now, if you weren't planning on buying one of my books, you'd still save more money by not buying anything at all. But maybe you were thinking, considering picking up a copy of the Panthea Obscura graphic novel or the Special Edition of the Vatican Assassin Trilogy Omnibus, or Alibi Jones - but the regular price was just a little too much. Perfect. Have we got a deal for you! :)

Details from Lulu:
25% off any of your books
Coupon Code: LULUBOOK305
Coupon expires January 31, 2012
$50 Max Savings

So you can save 25% on as many of my books as you want, until you've saved up to $50 on your order. Which would be like, what, about $150 bucks in books? That would be cool and all, but I'm not thinking anyone I know is gonna spend like that. So you should be all set.

My main book page at Lulu is here:
You'll find most everything there. Or go directly to:
Alibi Jones - cost w/25% off: $14.96 (usually $19.95)
The Vatican Assassin Omnibus Edition - 25% off: $24.29!! (usually $32.39) - great deal for the hardcover 3-in-1 edition!
Panthea Obscura - the full color 94p graphic novel with art by Juan Carlos Quattordio - 25% off: $18.71 - (usually $24.95)

I'm not saying you have to buy anything. But now is a good time, if you'd like to.