Saturday, April 14, 2012


Meet the woman who works for the U.S. Army by day but who strikes out on her own at night as the vigilante SOUVERAIN! She's assigned to Iraq as Lieutenant Lane, but has been going above and beyond for the victimized women and children of Baghdad as our story "Souverain: The Kid" opens. You'll find "Souverain: The Kid" in print - with beautiful illustrations by Kitae Kim - in Earthbound Comics'  Souverain #1 - available as a 99 cent download from Drive Thru Comics or actually in print for $2.99 from Indy Planet - links below.

Episode 199 of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio - next week brings episode 200!

Souverain #1 at Drive Thru Comics - .99 cent download:
Souverain #1 at Indy Planet - $2.99 print: