Monday, September 17, 2012

Get 'Alibi Jones and The Sunrise of Hur' in Paperback - 15% Off!

So, yeah - my new science fiction novel is out! Alibi Jones and The Sunrise of Hur - it's a brand new adventure for Alibi Jones. Doesn't matter if you haven't read anything else about Alibi - this is a new, stand-alone adventure, new-reader friendly:

Mediator for the Solar Alliance Alibi Jones searches for a stolen Dakhur artifact, a golden tiara with a blood red gem – The Sunrise of Hur – a cultural treasure, property and pride of the Dakhur race. But Alibi isn't supposed to land on the planet he most wants to investigate – Kismet, home of the crime lord Rene Laveillur, who's claimed Alibi's on-and-off girlfriend Katerina Ramsey as his own property. Alibi's been warned – if he lands on Kismet, he's a dead man!

It's available now in paperback from my Print-On-Demand source  And Lulu just sent me this in an email:
Avast! There will be savings! Save 15% on any order. Ends Friday, September 21 2012 at 11:59 PM. Visit Lulu and use coupon code PIRATA get your savings.
(Friday is Talk Like A Pirate Day... thus the code PIRATA)
It's 15% off any order - but you could use it to get my brand new book!
ALL my books on Lulu? Find 'em here:
Lulu is POD - so there is a slight wait for printing, but it's not long - my copy shipped the day after it was ordered. In case you missed that link?

There's a two chapter sample below on the blog. And I'm reading it chapter by chapter on my podcast each week - those podcast episodes are embedded on the blog, a bit further down as well. Just click on 'em to listen!