Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Alibi Jones Timeline

The Adventures of Alibi Jones occur in the 22nd century. This timeline features brief, hopefully not too spoilerish summaries of events in the stories and novels, published and about to be published, so far.

Alibi Jones is the son of Bernard Campion, aka BC, the former Vatican Assassin who became the first Prime Representative and founder of the Solar Alliance after the Eldred war. Because of the circumstances, we actually know when Alibi was conceived – during events in the novel Vatican Assassin, when BC and Alibi's mother Ruth first meet and get to know each other on Fortune Station.

2110 – Alibi Jones is born. At first, his father does not know he has a son. Ruth doesn't tell BC about the pregnancy or the birth.

2113 – (Vatican Abdicator/"Alibi Jones: Father's Day") When Alibi Jones is 3 years old, his mother takes him to meet his father. Then Ruth shoots and kills BC. Ruth is arrested and committed. Alibi is given into the care of Anita Capituna, BC's ex-fiance and new Prime Representative of the Solar Alliance.

Alibi Jones grows up with his "Aunt" Anita, mostly on Ceres Central but also for a few months here and there in other places, as she tours the Solar Alliance over the course of her nearly twenty year tenure as Prime Rep. She retires to Ceres Central and becomes its governor in 2131. Alibi joins the Solar Alliance Mediation Corps after graduation from college and begins training in negotiations and conflict resolution.

2134 – ("Alibi Jones: Blind Eye") Alibi takes on his first major assignments in the Mediation Corps. He negotiates a trade deal between the Dakhur and the Flaze (that later is shown to have problems...). Alibi runs into his old friend Shirra as well.

2135 – (Alibi Jones) While trying to track down an old friend, Alibi discovers a Tek'Tah operation providing human specimens for experimentation to a surviving member of the race known as the Ancient Enemy! Meets Kit the Dakhur and Katie Ramsey. Alibi and Katie begin seeing each other.

2136 – ("Alibi Jones: Vacation") Alibi and Katie see each other for a while, but their relationship runs hot and cold. They go visit Kit at his new assignment on the world called "Paradise".

2137 – (Alibi Jones and The Sunrise of Hur) Although Alibi and Katie are no longer together, they attend Kit and his mate-to-be Trish's Joining Ceremony. The joyous occasion is marred when Rene Laveillur's thugs invade and kidnap Katie, killing Dakhur in the process. The Dakhur relic The Sunrise of Hur disappears after the ceremony.
– ("Alibi Jones In Over His Head" – during events in ...Sunrise of Hur) Alibi visits the aquatic race the Kee'Klick on their world Kee'ere. Getting to know a new alien race can be a tricky business.
– ("Alibi Jones: About Time") After Alibi and Katie finally go their separate ways and Kit goes off to do his own thing, Alibi finds himself alone. His Aunt Anita invites him to stay with her on Ceres Central for a bit of R&R. Alibi's old girlfriend Shirra shoes up with a device stolen from The Devrizium. The supposed start of the Time War of The Devrizium.

2138 – ("Alibi Jones: Remember Two Things") The Devrizium attack. Alibi can't be sure which reality he's living in, which timeline is real. He tries to sort it out.
– ("Alibi Jones and the Wishing Stone") Finder tracks down Alibi on Ceres Central with a proposition. He thinks Alibi's the one who can find a certain something he's been trying to track down.
– ("Alibi Jones: When I Get Older") Another attack by The Devrizium. Alibi wakes up an old man. Why doesn't he remember growing old?
– The shifting timelines of The Time War of The Devrizium make charting this part of Alibi's life an iffy proposition. But by late 2138 things seemed to have settled down.

2139 – (Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest) Word begins to spread of Alibi's role in the destruction of Kismet. He's forced to leave the Mediation Corps and relocate. His new assignment puts him out beyond the borders of the Solar Alliance.
– ("Alibi Jones and the Ghost In The Machine") Alibi and his crew investigate sightings of a ghost ship – a hulking alien vessel has been spotted in remote deep space, along with the apparition of an SAIF pilot pleading "Don't let me die AGAIN!"

And then...