Saturday, April 13, 2013

250th EPISODE!!!

250th Episode! Brand-New Science Fiction short story Alibi Jones: Memory, Yet Green! Congrats from fellow podcasters and friends! News and free Alibi Jones comic downloads! I'm Mike Luoma, science fiction writer and radio host. Been narrating my own audio books and stories on this podcast since September of 2006. Thank you for joining me for the stories, whether this is your first time or your 250th!

In Alibi Jones: Memory, Yet Green, Alibi is a 91 year old man whos wakes up next to his wife as the blue sun rises on Rigel 4. Only problem is... Alibi doesn't remember growing old. A stand-alone story, another Adventure with Alibi Jones during The Time War of The Devrizium!

Time Travel, Alternate Timelines, Powerful and Beligerent Aliens - classic audio science fiction! "A" is for "April" - "Adventure" - and "Alibi Jones"!


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