Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Watch and Listen - Dan Wilson's New Tune "Disappearing"

I've been a fan of Dan's and the music he makes for a loooong time - first "discovered" Trip Shakespeare when they released their "Lulu" album in 1991 - which I think I first picked up because that was my sister's nickname. Hear Dan's brother Matt who'd started the band wanted to call them Kirk Shakespeare after James T. Kirk and William S., but that may just be Wikipedia talkin'. Tried to get them on the radio back then, but I was only the Assistant Music Director at the time... alas.

Still, loved loved LOVED that album. Went back and listened to all their other releases. Even loved their cover EP VOLT when they put it out on Twin Tone after A&M dropped them. I was a late-to-the-party Trip Shakespeare fan. So... when Dan's new band (including Trip S's bassist John Munson) put out their first EP, I WAS the Music Director - so we played Semisonic "The Prize" on WIZN early on in 1995. "Down In Flames" off the first full length Great Divide got more play. The next album Feeling Strangely Fine held their big hit, though - "Closing Time". The album also featured a guest appearance by Matt on the tune "Never You Mind" whose lyrics referenced Star Trek...

After the next album All About Chemistry received a rather lukewarm reception in 2001 the band went on hiatus, and Dan began doing more songwriting and solo work. His first solo album Free Life, executive produced by Rick Rubin, came out in 2007 - another favorite album of mine. Since then he's helped co-write some major Grammy winning hits - like Adele's "Someone Like You" and Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready To Make Nice", in addition to loads of other collaborations.

Now, Canvasback Music has announced Dan's new tune "Disappearing" as the first release in their Canvasclub Singles Series, out now digitally and out as a vinyl 7" on December 3rd. It's also the first track we're hearing from Dan's upcoming second solo album, due out in Spring of 2014. And Dan has just released a beautiful lyric video with his illustrations for the song as well. Sara Bareilles is helping with some vocals - check out "Disappearing":