Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Loves 2015 - New Tunes!

I fall in love all the time - with new songs! Put together this playlist at* - new loves in the new year on this Valentines Day 2015...

Ryley Walker "Primrose Green"
Tor Miller "Midnight"
Rhiannon Giddens "Black Is The Color"
The Amazing "Picture You"
Lord Huron "Fool For Love"
Laura Marling "False Hope"
Strand of Oaks "Shut In"
Sharon Van Etten "I Don't Want To Let You Down"
Madaila "Give Me All Your Love"
Catfish and the Bottlemen "Kathleen"
Alabama Shakes "Don't Wanna Fight"
Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors "Shine Like Lightning"

*(note - I like using their site because anyone can listen to the playlists I create in their browser. Sure, they have mobile apps if you need them, but you don't have to download something just to listen - this is not a paid endorsement, just me saying they're cool. There are restrictions - it will play through in the order created once, but then it changes it, randomizes the order. And you are limited in the number of songs you can include by an artist and from an album).

There's a similar playlist up at YouTube, if you'd rather use their site:

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