Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My (Tentative) Balticon Schedule

(Subject to change - check for details...)


7p - Dialog is All You Get – Salon C - (M) along w/ Clint Gaige, James L Gossard, Nate Nelson, Jay Smith - Writing Screenplays, Graphic Novels, and Audio Drama - How is this different than prose writing? How can you get what you want across when you aren't in charge of how it's drawn or acted?


2:30p - Book Launch! Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest – Chesapeake - Mike debuts his new science fiction novel – a day-of-release reading and celebration! 

Specter? Projection? On the edge of human space floats an ancient alien derelict. A Ghost Ship? Those who get too close are visited by a glowing green translucent figure who begs, "Don't let me die – again!" Alibi Jones has been reassigned to Covert Ops. His cover: running cargo out past the colony world Depot from a new remote base – The Hornet's Nest. Alibi gets to know his new crew as they get a handle on running small cargos and cover operations. When they get assigned to check out the so-called "ghost ship", people start dying. Again.

5p - Reading* - Chesapeake - along w/ PC Haring and Christie Meierz 


10a - Exploring Publishing Platforms – Salon D – along w/ Mike Allen, Neal Levin, Alex Shvartsman - Desktop publishing has come a long way. Learn the ins and outs of the various publishing platforms. 

12p - Collaboration and Intermedia Writing (M) – Tack – along w/Katie Bryski, Dave Robison, Aaron Rosenberg - Writing is a pure and lonely life--except when it isn't. What are the perils and joys of working with other artists to put your words on the stage, screen, or pod-o-sphere? Practical tips on making your collaborations successful ones! 

6p - Creating Transmedia on a Budget – Tack – along w/ Charlie Brown (M), Katie Bryski, Day Al-Mohamed   - Most transmedia creation takes a huge budget for video and apps, but there's a way to do it cheaper. Topics will include Twine game programming and Plotagon video creation and other free strategies. 

7p - DC Comics on the Small Screen – Garden – along w/ Stephanie Burke (M), Jeremy Lawton, Tee Morris, Peter Prellwitz - After many years with only Superman and Batman to keep us company, DC Comics has finally brought some of their other characters to our living rooms. How has exploring their universe through television and video game adaptions added to its appeal? What do you think the future holds? 


11a - How To Get Attention for Your Self-Published Books When Everyone Is Self-Publishing – Tack – along w/ Michelle D Sonnier (M), Ally Bishop, William Galaini, Starla Huchton

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