Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Balticon Schedule!

Getting ready for Balticon 51, on the way Memorial Day Weekend! I'll be on a few panels and doing a reading. If you're in the Baltimore area, this old-school science fiction convention is one of the best around! Find out all about it at Here are my panels and info for the weekend.

Friday at 4pm I'll be part of the "How to be a Good Moderator" panel discussion. Curiously, this is the first con I've been to in a while where I'm not actually moderating a panel...

Saturday at 1pm I'm doing a Reading! Sharing the hour with Chris Lester and Grig Larson. I'm not sure what I'm reading yet...

Saturday at 3pm you'll find me on the "Podcasting on the Cheap" panel.

Saturday at 7pm I'm part of "Writing the Near Future" panel. If you've read my stuff, you know this is what I do...

And Sunday at 2pm I'll be part of the "Writing Scripts Based on Your Own Work" panel. Charlie Brown is hosting this one and asked me to be a part, very cool. Told me he wanted someone with actual experience, and asked me as I've adapted Vatican Assassin. I told him my advice would not just be "Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut..." - but, man, that's a big part of it! There's a lot more, too.

There may be more panels I'm on as the con approaches or at the convention itself - sometimes I pick stuff up. Check the schedule for more, or just ask me, if you're there.

If you love science fiction and you're near Baltimore, hope you can join us!