Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Unemployed Deadbeat

Well, here it is, day two of the rest of my life. I cleaned out my office last night, left a lot of crap, took a lot of crap with me. It was nice to see everyone one last time... I'm sure I'll see folks again, but it will be different. Poor Sue almost cried. It was emotional. It's been great working with Sue, and almost everyone else. Chris was kind, too; even Kevin was sympathetic and offered any help he could give. Brian Crogan called, left a message on my home machine. Some good people I'm leaving behind. Went and got drunk at the OP, talked serious magical metaphysics with Casey, didn't pay for a beer... cabbed it home, devoured pizza...

Woke up this morning and scored my triple latte from Radio Bean, prepped some script samples and audio files to go with my resume, called back Joe Egan who'd called with a possible lead, but he was with a client, checked in on the comic book writers forum, and responded to Ethan who said he might have a lead on some voice work... checked on the news... and started writing an entry for my blog. Now it's time to do some writing!

I aim to take advantage of this downtime to shepherd the sequel to "Vatican Assassin" into a publication-worthy state!