Monday, June 12, 2006

End Of An Era

I was handed my "termination immediately" letter this morning by Hall Communications, after 18 years on the air on WIZN. I brought it on myself: I neglected to update the station's concert line for over two weeks (I've been pretty distant, unfocussed and spacey lately... and hating hearing the ads for Father's Day). I was already on probation, so the axe fell. I'm still a bit stunned by it all, but I'm trying not to stop going, doing, working, communicating (like I am here, I suppose). I've updated my resume and posted with and on All Access. Called Mom, emailed my brother and sister, talked to Tim, my brother. Spoke to my friend Joe Egan who owns a recording studio, told him I was available for voice work. Sent an article to my pal Casey at Seven Days to see if he thought it was worth anything, to work up some freelance possibilities. I even called up my old boss, Steve Cormier, who's been on a rival station (a bitter rival, grrr...) for years, just to see if there was anything available there. Dave Parker, another jock from 'IZN just called with his sympathies. I go back to clean out my office later this afternoon, not really looking forward to that.