Monday, August 21, 2006

Lasers, Your Eyes.

Lasers, Your Eyes.

Scratching lines, ink on paper:
Circles, shadows, cast a spell –
Cast a cage around my heart:
Build back the walls,
Bring back cozy comfort,
Restore my shattered shell.

Your eyes are pale blue lasers.
I can’t hide!
Locked on –
Steady beams burn through,
Slice this shell apart,
Break out the chill heart
I keep safe inside.

I stare into your solar source,
Two pale blue suns.
Going blind…
Can’t look away!
A blink and
You’re gone.

More ink, another page,
A sigil calls your name:
Play games with my mind,
My time and attention.

Close my eyes, I still see
Yours in my memory,
Afterburned images
Seared onto retinas:
Pale blue
Lasers, Your eyes.