Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Readers Draft Done!

The "readers draft" of Vatican Ambassador: Vatican Assassin Part Two is at lulu.com getting printed and shipped as I write this. So, if you've read Vatican Assassin and would like to read the RAW version of the sequel, talk to me, or get yourself a copy at lulu.com\mikeluoma... just follow the links on the right.

This isn't the official release, mind you. I self publish, and have no editor, so I rely on friends to read, critique and proof my books. This is the "Whew! It's done, I think... what needs to change to make it better?" I know of one change I'll be making: smaller type. I had the first book printed in 12 pt type, so I did the same for this one. But Vatican Ambassador is 120 pages longer! That makes the book more costly. Smaller type will bring the price down!

I should thank again those who helped by reading the first book, some of whom have offered to do so once again: John Blaha, Josh Bridgeman, Jeremiah Cook, Johnnie Day Durand, Chris Stecher, and... I know I'm forgetting someone... damn, killed too many brain cells over time.