Thursday, September 01, 2011

Earthbound Comics Presents #1 is OUT!

I've got a brand new short story in the new anthology Earthbound Comics Presents #1 - "Alibi Jones In Over His Head"! Juan Carlos Quattordio did the art. The book is out today, September 1st.

Earlier this year I became production manager for Earthbound Comics - helped shepherd this anthology into reality. It's a cool collaborative effort. One of the writer/artists is my old friend Ethan Slayton. Cover art is by Federico Guillen, artist on my Good Samaritan: Unto Dust. I'm proud of it!

You can get the digital edition here:
The print edition is here:

Here's the blurb: The new anthology from Earthbound Comics! Travel to dangerous, distant parts of the universe... and run into nearer threats just down the road a ways. Meet Villains - naturally - and some heroes, too. There's horror, and comedy - get a taste of what's to come from the new era of Earthbound Comics!

"The Core" - Story by Max Fauser and Ethan Slayton - Art by Ethan Slayton - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

"Shots Fired: Shake And Bake" - Story by Buck Weiss - Art by Ruth Garcia - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

"Alibi Jones In Over His Head" - Story and Letters by Mike Luoma - Art by Juan Carlos Quattordio

"Villains: Preview" - Story by Ethan Slayton - Art by Ben Ferrari - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

Cover Art by Federico Guillen