Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Draft, Second Alibi Novel...

Reading from my manuscript today... no guarantees it will stay this way.

Listen to an excerpt from the first draft of the next Alibi Jones novel - tentatively titled Alibi Jones and The Sunrise of Hur - on today's episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio! It's the first draft story of a solo mission of Alibi's to the Mad Planet Metcalf on today's 'cast. The planet's defense system seems to be speaking to - and laughing at - Alibi. But he's not hearing it - the sounds seem to be echoing inside of Alibi's mind!

I also preview The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1, coming October 1st from Earthbound Comics, and give a status report after the story excerpt, running through a list of the many projects in the works. There are a bunch of them! You can read page one of Alibi Jones In Over His Head - the 4 page short found in the new Earthbound Comics Presents #1 - at

That comic book short is getting some rave reviews! Aint It Cool News said Alibi Jones In Over His Head " a gentle, humorous tale that brings to mind the lighter works of sci-fi legends such as Henry Kuttner or Ray Bradbury"

Get a digital copy of Earthbound Comics Presents #1 at Drive Thru: Or in print from Indy Planet: More info at

There's also a promo before the story for Podioracket Presents: Glimpses: