Saturday, December 03, 2011

War Between Planets and Vigilantes in the Middle East!

Hear Chapter Seven of Vatican Assassin and Part One of "Souverain: the Kid" on this episode!

The Universal Islamic Nation (UIN) brings the war from Mars back to the Moon and Earth Orbit in chapter seven of my science fiction adventure VATICAN ASSASSIN! Listen in for a quick rundown of the story so far to get up to speed, and then enjoy the ride! PLUS there's a bonus on this podcast episode - you'll hear part one of the audio adaptation of my short story "Souverain: The Kid" - as our favourite soldier and vigilante deals with the hero worship of a local and the U.S. Army - The entire short story is out this week in SOUVERAIN #1 from Earthbound Comics! From deep space to the deadly streets of Iraq - with a little bit of book news, too...