Friday, May 04, 2012

Earthbound Comics Offering "Souverain: The Kid" As A Free EBook!

Wanted to be sure to clue you into a free eBook from Earthbound Comics! 

Earthbound's book for May is my short story "Souverain: the Kid" - as a free eBook! This pulp/adventure prose short story originally appeared in "Souverain" #1" - Meet the woman who works with the U.S. Army by day and strikes out at night on her own as the vigilante SOUVERAIN! In this short story, Souverain is based in Baghdad in 2009, dealing with a young Iraqi teen with a serious case of hero worship - and a new wave of suicide bombers! Souverain was created by Ben Ferrari.

Get it free for all ebook readers at Smashwords
Also available as a pdf at DriveThruComics