Thursday, May 10, 2012

You Should Listen To John Fullbright Make Music

One of the reasons I love being the Music Director at The Point is that I still, even after all these years of listening to music, STILL come across new stuff, fresh new releases that blow me away. Right now, it's the music made by this young guy out of Oklahoma, John Fullbright. He writes some great songs, and his delivery is just plain real.
The music is rooted in folk, some label it "Americana", but like the best music it confounds any label immediately after it's applied. I could compare John Fullbright to a lot of people to try to give you some reference points, but I feel like that does him a disservice - as soon as you think, "Oh, he's like (fill in the blank)," suddenly, he's not.
Sometimes, I get new releases a little early. A couple weeks ago, I put this new album From the Ground Up on in my car, driving around, driving to work, driving home - the CD player conveniently starts over with #1 - and I've played the first track from the album "Gawd Above" on the air a couple of times. Love the album and wanted to be sure to spread the word when it came out, and it did yesterday. The link in the picture below takes you to the album's Amazon page, where you can hear samples of the songs. Music doesn't hit me good and strong this often, so when it does, I've gotta share!