Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Heavy Hitters Arrive!

The most powerful among humankind gather at the Moon's Lunar Prime for a peace conference. Can the head CEO of the Universal Trade Zone, the top Ayatollah of the Universal Islamic Nation and the Pope of the New catholic Churchactually work together towards peace?

Part One of Three of the long Chapter Eleven of the free audio science fiction adventure Vatican Ambassador on this episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio! 

In the News - my new book is out! Earthbound Comics has released Good Samaritan: Unto Dust #1! Father Bill Sullivan masquerades as the vigilante Good Samaritan in the Boston of 1965, using his supernatural "Power of the Holy Spirit"fighting crime and bringing thugs to justice, even turning some into dust! Art by the Fantastic Federico Guillen, Killer colors by Ken Lateer, Letters and Story and such from me.

And I'm going to be at Pi-Con in a couple weeks! It's a great, geeky, small convention near Western Mass. I'm on a bunch of panels - You should come!

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