Monday, October 01, 2012

Artist Sought For 12 Page Science Fiction Comic

I've just finished the script for a 12 page comic book story featuring my character Alibi Jones. Now I need an artist to help me bring it to life! It will be published in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #2 from Earthbound Comics. I'm also the letterer and do the production work. I'd like to find someone who does both pencils and inks – that way the team is close to complete (Earthbound works with some good color people, so that's not essential).

With Earthbound we don't make anything up front, but we do get an issue, back end percentage, and copies at cost for local and con sales. Not perfect but not bad. Working with them is kind of a cooperative effort. I've liked working with Earthbound. If you're on pencils and inks, you're my collaborator on this story, in for 49% of the IP aside from the previously created characters and designs. That means anything more happens with this story, you're part of it.

I'll also create an audio version of the story to help promote it, and distribute it on my Glow-in-the-Dark Radio podcast, found each week on iTunes and at

If your interested in doing the pencils and inks for this 12 page story, please get in touch with me – Mike Luoma – at: glowinthedarkradio (at) gmail (dot) com.