Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Official...

It's now "Officially" Summer – but The Summer of the Assassin has already been going STRONG on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!

'BC'Bernard Campion – assassinated Meredith McEntyre, Governor of Lunar Prime. Aside from an overwrought accusation from her widower, he seems to have gotten away with it.  But with her death, the war between The UTZUniversal Trade Zone – the commercial power of Earth – and the UINUniversal Islamic Nation – based on Mars – heats up. UIN ships head for Earth, its orbital stations, the Moon and Lunar Prime. Attack is immanent!

Find out what happens next, as host Mike Luoma gives you a quick hit on the story so far and then Chapters Six and Seven of his science fiction adventure VATICAN ASSASSIN!

This encore run of Vatican Assassin includes new bonus material. With this episode, Mike's "Literary Archaeology" video has been made public! It's been exclusive to the email list for a few weeks, but now everyone can view it:

Next week, email list subscribers will get a new exclusive - a download of the "Alibi Jones and the Ghost In The Machine" audio novelette - which is NOT being publicly released! Join the email list: Just send Mike an email saying you want in!


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