Sunday, June 22, 2014


Gearing up for 8 Pi-Con next weekend in the Pioneer Valley!


It all takes place at the Holiday Inn in Enfield, CT right across the border from Springfield, MA and right off I-91 - Exit 49, first exit in Connecticut from the north... easy to get to from Vermont! Heading down Friday afternoon. My first panel is Friday night at nine (see below). So far I'm not scheduled for any Sunday panels, but that can always change.

Here's my schedule so far, with the program descriptions from

Fri 9:00pm     Being and Superbeing - "Is there an essential storytelling difference between low powered vigilantes (Daredevil, Power Man, Batman, Nite Owl) and four color superheroes? Do you lose drama when your hero cannot be hurt by normal means? Is it easier to tell a dramatic story that the audience can relate to when the hero is just a well trained person fighting crime?"

Sat 11:00am   The Many Roads of Publishing 101 - I'm moderating this one. "Right now, for writers, we live in a publishing world with a diversity of options…and a plethora of issues if a writer isn’t careful. There’s the Big Five, small- and mid-size presses, micro-presses, and DIY options. “Independent publishing” gets applied to everything from small presses to self-publishing: muddy waters or a way to avoid negative impressions? Savvy writers are learning that there is no longer a “one size fits all” model; a writer can pick a publishing route tailored to their own desires, strengths, and weaknesses. But taking the time to learn all the options is important, so lets get some basics down."

Sat 1:00pm     Has Star Wars Ruined SF? - "ROUNDTABLE: With the cast of “Star Wars: Episode 7” just announced, CNN’s Lewis Beale wrote a column in which he said, ” ‘Star Wars’ has corrupted people’s notion of a literary genre full of ideas, turning it into a Saturday afternoon serial. And that’s more than a shame—it’s an obscenity.” Did Star Wars bring down a noble genre of deep ideas, or did it open the world of SF to the masses? Is it SF at all—or is it fantasy, adventure or modern myth?"

Sat 5:00pm     Reading! Sharing time with Shira Lipkin - come out and hear us read from our works. I'll be reading an excerpt from "Alibi Jones and the Ghost In The Machine" which appeared in last year's Hunting Ghosts anthology from Black Oak Media - and is now a part of my next Alibi Jones novel, in the works!

I'll have a handful of print copies of my new VATICAN ASSASSIN -The Graphic Novel with me. Not going to be actively selling 'em, but if you want one, let me know. On sale for $10 - basically $7.99 plus shipping figured in. And less change required. Just ask me if you wanna buy one. Keeping it casual.

Hope you can make it to 8 i-Con - I will see you there!