Monday, August 29, 2016

Shining A Light On... Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt "Invention of Knowledge"

This is the first in my new Glow-in-the-Dark Radio series "Shining A Light On..." where I get into new releases you might not hear on traditional radio. As the music director of a very cool Adult Album Alternative radio station, The Point (, I receive a ton of new releases all the time. Only a fraction of those end up garnering airplay, even on a station as adventurous as ours.

This occasional column will cover those worth mentioning and checking out - even if they're not destined for radio airplay. I'll include videos where available and links to Amazon or other outlets for purchasing - as I'm in Vermont, which doesn't allow it, these are not affiliate links and I earn no money from them. Just so you know.

Wanted to begin with an album that came out at the end of June, Jon Anderson (Yes) and Roine Stolt (Flower Kings) have teamed up to create a new album in the tradition of Jon's older work - Yes music. And Invention of Knowledge in some ways does sound like a new Yes album, or perhaps a newly discovered lost Yes album released some time around Relayer in the mid 1970's. The Yes album it is drawing the most comparisons to, thanks to the instrumentation and lyrical content is Tales from Topographic Oceans, though that is such a singular and unique work it is perhaps folly to draw too close a comparison.

I'd rather not dance too much about architecture, so take a listen to this official release of "Knowing" and see what you think...

If that suits you, pick up the whole album and enjoy some of the finest Yes music made in years! One note... If Chris Squire were still alive, I wouldn't call this Yes music, but only out of respect for Squire. With him gone, it's really Jon who carries this torch now, and in some ways he's always been the spiritual center of Yes, which is where this album resides.

You can find Jon Anderson/Roine Stolt Invention of Knowledge now at Amazon