Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why There Is No 9/11 Conspiracy...

Do you really think this gang that can't shoot straight was capable of engineering a plot of such subtlety and complexity?

The "plot" would have had about as much chance of success as the War in Iraq, would have been executed about as well as the Katrina response was... look at their success rate!

Conspiracy theories are comforting in a cold world, where the enemy is often indifference. They require faith and belief, like any religion does.

And that's why there was no 9/11 conspiracy. These men would have had to actually care about what the public thinks to go to such lengths. But these men have shown repeatedly they are indifferent towards the general population's sentiments and wishes. They would not have bothered to even put such a plan together. They'd consider it a waste of their time.