Monday, December 28, 2009

Vatican Assassin #1 - The Comic Book Is Out!

I'm releasing my new comic book this week, the first issue of my graphic novel adaptation of my science fiction novel Vatican Assassin. Cristian Navarro is the artist helping me bring the story to life in images.

It's out now in the Indy Planet Store:

Pages start Friday at Drunk Duck:

It's 2109 and an interplanetary religious war is raging between Earth, The Moon and Mars. “BC” – Bernard Campion – may appear to be a priest in the New catholic Church, but he's actually an undercover assassin for the Pope. His new assignment? Visit the city on the Moon, Lunar Prime, act as Public Relations liaison for the Cardinal there – And assassinate the Governor of Lunar Prime, Meredith McEntyre!

Vatican Assassin has enjoyed success as a novel (the first third of my “Vatican Assassin” Trilogy). Also very cool? The chapters of the audiobook (available for free at have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times! The remastered version of the audio book went up earlier this year:

There are some preview pages on the Indy Planet page:

Friday, December 18, 2009

And Now... Vatican Assassin - The Comic Book!

I'm proud to announce the upcoming publication of Vatican Assassin Issue #1 as artist Cristian Navarro helps me turn my book into a graphic novel! I'll be posting the link to pick up the book here soon. For now, you can see the cover over at Drunk Duck, where I'll be posting free pages every Wednesday and Saturday, after debuting page one on January 1st, 2010!

Vatican Assassin at

Loving The New Avett Brothers Album

Finally. A new album penetrates. Soulful honesty, honest artistry, songs of yearning and loss, and being lost, and trying to find - "I and Love and You". They've moved to a big label, with a big-time producer at the helm, but the emotions and the production remain raw as Rick Rubin brings out the best from the Avett Brothers throughout, polishing their sound without rounding off its edges - in fact, he gives them an extra edge, a sharpness, an almost brittle quality that sounds more live and crisp than their previous studio efforts. I don't want to analyze it too much. Rather just sit back and listen again...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Artist Wanted: Science Fiction Story in Upcoming Anthology

Artist Wanted: Science Fiction Story in Upcoming Anthology

Just posted this around today:

I'm writer Mike Luoma – and I'm looking for the right artist for a 16 page black and white science fiction story which will appear in an upcoming anthology from Earthbound comics. This is a portfolio builder. This is not a cash job. Instead, creators working with Earthbound get a comp and then issues at cost plus shipping to sell to make profits (akin to putting out your own book). There's more information at their site: If this arrangement sounds beneficial to you, read on and see if you'd like to join my team.

As a reference, Lady Fight from Earthbound is a 2009 Project Fanboy Award Nominated title – I've got a story in the latest issue (here: – Now Earthbound is taking on science fiction! My new story has been approved for inclusion in their upcoming anthology. The 16-page story features the lead character from my novel “Alibi Jones” in an early adventure on the planet Cat's Eye, as he runs into an old acquaintance, a con game and, of course, trouble. The story features a few aliens, exotic locations, spacecraft and sexy people.

Need to find the right artist to make the story shine. If you are interested, please send me an email at: Please include information about your work and links to your material online. Looking forward to hearing from you – Mike