Wednesday, August 24, 2011

6 Pi-Con Week Specials!

I'll be at 6 Pi-Con this weekend down in Enfield, Connecticut, right next to Springfield, Massachusetts. More here: I'll be on a few panels over the weekend!

10:00:00 PM Adapting Novel to Graphic Novels
10:00:00 AM The DC Relaunch Panel
11:00:00 AM Essential DIY Tools
12:00:00 PM To Remake? Or Leave Alone
2:00:00 PM Podcasting 101
12:00:00 PM EBooks and Self-Publishing
2:00:00 PM of Gods and Genre

In the interest of offering some specials to folks at the con as well as to those of you who read this blog, I've arranged for deals on some of my books. Most of these specials are good through Labor Day:

Get a FREE pdf digital download of my comic book Good Samaritan: Unto Dust with art by Federico Guillen from Drive Thru Comics.

Get a FREE eBook edition of my first novel - Vatican Assassin (usually $2.99) with coupon code KM34W at Smashwords.

Get Book 2 of the Vatican Assassin Trilogy - Vatican Ambassador - for 99 cents with coupon code HR37A at Smashwords (usually $2.99).

Get Book 3 of the Vatican Assassin TrilogyVatican Abdicator - for 99 cents with coupon code RE48U at Smashwords (usually $2.99)

And get my latest novel - Alibi Jones - (also usually $2.99) for 99 cents with coupon code TY69R at Smashwords!

No Longer So Seekrit...

There's a new interview with me up over at The Seekrit Projekt! Thanks again to Scott and David!

The Seekrit Projekt Interviews Mike Luoma « The Seekrit Projekt

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Vigilante character Souverain has, up until now, been exclusively a denizen of the comic book page. Listen today as she debuts in an all-new format -an audio short story - as I read you my new tale "Souverain: The Kid"!

I'm Mike Luoma - writer and reader of the stories on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio. We'll travel back to Bagdhad in 2009 as Lieutenant Lane of the U.S. Army moonlights as the masked hero Souverain, as she attempts to bring justice to the women and children trapped in the war zone! Souverain was created by Ben Ferrari and first appeared in Lady Fight #1 from Earthbound Comics. I've written and Ben has illustrated 3 more comic books shorts featuring Souverain that appear in Lady Fight 2 - 4. These will be collected along with this brand-new story - with new illustrations by Kittae Kim - in Souverain #1 - coming soon from Earthbound Comics!

Find out more about Souverain at and

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"UnThinkAble" lyrics

Un Think Able!
Able to un Think -
Who pays for the cool aid that you
Motherfuckers Drink?
Un Think Able!
Nuthin in yer brain -
If you don't wanna think,
Don't bother to complain!

Dumbed down,
Slummed down -
Ignorant Fux!
(Barely) Upright,
In their pickup trucks.
Fuck 'em all 'tude -
Just Fucking rude!
(You're so) Un Think Able!

You don't
Know who's
Payin' your bill!
You don't
Care who
You're Gonna Kill!
Fucking Extreme!
My Way!
Just Fuckin' Mean!
(Just so) Un Think Able!


UnThinkAble (scratch)

Wrote a political song this afternoon:

Monday, August 08, 2011

New Anthology on the Way From Earthbound Comics!

I've been working hard on the new anthology from Earthbound Comics this weekend - pushing it over the finish line! It's now off to Ka-Blam for print copies and up on Drive Thru Comics for digital downloads. Official release date is September 1st! I'm proud of this book, even though I've only got a four page short story in it's 36 pages. I've been working on the production and helping pull together the book - it's really the first Earthbound book that I've been full time production manager on, as The Longhunters #1 was a previously released work. I helped to give it it's new look, and get the book out... but the new anthology is a bit more my baby. Well, it's a book with a bunch of fathers and a couple of mothers - all the creators involved have a lot to be proud of.

Here's a look at the cover, and the book info follows:

Earthbound Comics Presents #1 - The new anthology from Earthbound Comics! Travel to dangerous, distant parts of the universe... and run into nearer threats just down the road a ways. Meet Villains – naturally - and some heroes, too. There's horror, and comedy - get a taste of what's to come from the new era of Earthbound Comics!

"The Core" - Story by Max Fauser and Ethan Slayton - Art by Ethan Slayton - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

"Shots Fired: Shake And Bake" - Story by Buck Weiss - Art by Ruth Garcia - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

"Alibi Jones In Over His Head" - Story and Letters by Mike Luoma - Art by Juan Carlos Quattordio

"Villains: Preview" - Story by Ethan Slayton - Art by Ben Ferrari - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

Cover Art by Federico Guillen

For Earthbound Comics - Ben Ferrari: Publisher and Editor in Chief - Mike Luoma: Production Manager - Buck Weiss: Web and Promotions

Earthbound Comics Presents #1 Published by Earthbound Comics. 1826 Silverwood Drive, Concord CA 94519. Earthbound Comics copyright Ben Ferrari 2011. All stories and related characters, logos and trademarks herein are copyright by their respective creative teams 2011.  

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hear the new edition of "Alibi Jones: Vacation" on the Podcast!

The novel Alibi Jones was only the beginning of The Adventures of Alibi Jones! "Alibi Jones: Vacation" keeps the adventure going - And gives you a perfect jumping-on point if you're new to my science fiction!

Alibi Jones: Vacation is a stand-alone short story - no prior reading/listening required. Hoping for some rest and relaxation, Alibi Jones and his girlfriend Katie decide to visit their Dakhur friend Kit in his new assignment on the planet Paradise. But Paradise doesn't really live up to its name... Instead of downtime, they find a coup going down around them, as Christopher Blakely attempts to overthrow the planetary government - led by his mother! 

Listen after the story for details on a new contest - a chance for you to win a signed print edition of Alibi Jones: Vacation!
And before the story, check out a promo for Phil Rossi's new short Frederick's Little Secret (Voice over talent: Zeus Legion; Music by Nine in Nails available under creative commons at
The Glow-in-the-Dark Radio facebook Page:
Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Comics at Graphic.ly

"Alibi Jones: Vacation" - New Contest!

Win A Signed Copy of Alibi Jones: Vacation by Mike Luoma - Available now for the Kindle:

Mike here - In a blatant attempt to get people to buy and review my new .99 cent short Alibi Jones: Vacation for the Kindle, I'm offering you a chance to win a signed PRINT copy. Just be one of the the first three reviewers on! That's a whopping $5.99 value - never mind the expense of shipping it to you, that almost DOUBLES the value, woo-hoo!

How do you win? Simple. Be one of the first three reviewers on Your opinion is up to you, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy the story. After you read it, write up a paragraph or two and post your review. Then, when it shows up on the Alibi Jones: Vacation Kindle page on Amazon ( ), send me an email at I'll email back, get your address and how you want it signed (or NOT signed - "don't scribble on my book, Mike!") and send the book off to you.

Alibi Jones: Vacation is a stand-alone short story featuring characters from the novel Alibi Jones - Hoping for some rest and relaxation, Alibi Jones and his girlfriend Katie decide to visit their Dakhur friend Kit in his new assignment on the planet Paradise. But Paradise doesn't really live up to its name... Instead of downtime, they find a coup going down around them, as Christopher Blakely attempts to overthrow the planetary government - led by his mother!

The printed version is about the size of your average comic book - 25 pages - and features cover art by Federico Guillen: An earlier version of Alibi Jones: Vacation appeared in the audiobook-only anthology Podioracket Presents: Visionaries alongside shorts by J.C. Hutchins, Philippa Ballantine, Seth Harwood, Basil Sands, Brian Rathbone and others. Many thanks again to Podioracket's H.E. Roulo, Rhonda Carpenter and Brian Holtz for including me in the compilation.

If you enjoy reading Alibi Jones: Vacation and want to read more of the adventures of Alibi Jones, you'll be glad to know the price on ALL of my ebook novels including Alibi Jones is now just $2.99. For your Kindle or your Nook, on your iPad or however you read your ebook, just $2.99!

You could even go back before the beginning and start with Vatican Assassin. It's all in the family, as the assassin in question is Alibi's sire BC - Bernard Campion - who kills for the Pope of the New catholic Church. BC's trilogy starts with him on assignment on the Moon - sent there apparently as a papal PR man but actually as a killer, targeting Governor Meredith McEntyre of Lunar Prime!

Get in on the contest - get your copy of Alibi Jones: Vacation today: Find out more about all of my books - and how you can listen to my audiobooks for free - at  

Monday, August 01, 2011

My Letter to Senator Patrick Leahy

I have been a supporter and a fan of our senior Senator Pat Leahy (D- VT) for decades. I can no longer offer him my support, as he has just endorsed the Debt Ceiling Crisis Agreement that sells off our future and sacrifices the well being of those who can least afford it. Here's the letter I just sent:

Senator Leahy,

As a long time supporter, I am devastated to hear you are supporting the Debt Ceiling Crisis agreement. Along with President Obama, you have squandered my faith in government, in the Democratic Party, and politics in general. You have traded away my decades of support to appease the treasonous, unconstitutional bully boys in the Republican Party. Bringing the nation to a point of breakdown and global disgrace should not be rewarded.

God, I wish Democrats could show a hint of spine. This capitulation is disgusting.

I am sorry to have to write a letter like this. I will be removing myself from your mailing lists as well.

Mike Luoma