Saturday, December 31, 2011

Great News and Chapter Fifteen of VATICAN ASSASSIN

All kinds of news and chapter fifteen of the science fiction adventure Vatican Assassin - on this episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio. BC has made it to Fortune Station - just barely! Now it's time to snuff out The Light... Just as soon as he finds his way inside.

The news? The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories came out this week at! Six science fiction audio short stories – a chronicle of Alibi Jones’ exploits across the expanse of the Solar Alliance and beyond! Alibi Jones is a mediator for the SAIF – Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force – but that doesn’t stop trouble from coming his way. Travel with Alibi from Earth to the asteroid belt – from the human colony of Cat’s Eye to the alien water world of Kee’Ere – from a lost, unnamed orb on the fringes of explored space to a planet that should not be called Paradise. Find out more and get free downloads at

More at and

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New ALIBI JONES Free Audio Book is OUT!

Time to travel to the 22nd century! Wrap your ears around six new audio short stories with Alibi Jones!

The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories is available at! Get your free downloads here:

The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories audio book collection features three stories of about a half hour length and three shorter stories that clock in at just over ten minutes each. This new audiobook is the perfect entry point for new readers, so I’m hoping to get some more folks checking out my books with this one.

The stories:

Blind Eye – Alibi runs into an old flame at a diplomatic function. Shirra is helping to sell a new colony that a now suspicious Alibi has never heard of... Also appears in Podioracket Presents: Glimpses, at The comic book version, with art by Meisha, can be found in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 published by Earthbound Comics.

Father’s Day – The story of how Alibi met his father BC – the Vatican Assassin! A variation on the final chapter of the Vatican Assassin Trilogy from the perspective of three year old Alibi Jones. The comic book version, with art by Rhys ap Gwyn, appears in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1published by Earthbound Comics.The Vatican Assassin Trilogy – Vatican Assassin, Vatican Ambassador and Vatican Abdicator – are all available at

Vacation – Paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. What with the coup and all. A revised telling of a story that originally appeared in the anthology Podioracket Presents: Visionaries. A comic book version is in the works.

In Over His Head – Some negotiations offer more challenges than others – sometimes for the oddest, yet most natural of reasons. The comic book version, with art by Juan Carlos Quattordio,is in the anthology Earthbound Comics Presents #1. 

About Time – An old friend arrives with a big new problem. Related: is time travel really possible? The comic book version, with art by Meisha, is in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 published byEarthbound Comics.

The Wishing Stone – A tale of alien archeology and ancient power. As always, you should be careful what you wish for... – A never before seen or heard short story exclusive to collection!

More at and!

Great Review of The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 - The Comic - Today!

As I celebrate the release of the new Alibi Jones audio book today, along comes a review of the comic book from the folks over at Geeks of Doom - they loved it! How awesome is that!

"There is a lot to like in this issue. Action and intrigue, coupled with fantastic artwork make for a fantastic read. The Adventures Of Alibi Jones‘ first issue was great... Mike Luoma has introduced this great character in bold fashion."

You can read the full review here:

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Alibi Jones Audiobook Comes Out Wednesday!

The 22nd Century begins this Wednesday... get ready to travel the stars with Alibi Jones! The new audiobook appears at - There's a Podiobooks facebook page for the "event" of the release:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A New Mission for BC!

Happy Holidays! As I'm prepping this episode a little early, there isn't much in the way of news or promotion this week - I'm afraid you'll just have to settle for three straight chapters of VATICAN ASSASSIN! These three together tell the story of BC's trip out to Fortune Station, as he seeks to assassinate the leader of a throwback cult that has occupied the once-abandoned space station.

Free science fiction adventure - my gift to you this holiday season and all year 'round, on the Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast!

"Think Frank Miller’s HOLY TERROR without all of that bat-shit annoying Frank Miller-ness and you’ll get the drift of this one..."

"This is a fun book which empowers women while it entertains and inspires hope."

Sometimes you get a review that makes your MONTH. This review of Ben Ferrari and my Souverain #1 by Ambush Bug over at Ain't It Cool News did that for me. Souverain #1 is Earthbound Comics' book for December:

"Collecting five short stories featuring the female vigilante Souverain, this issue is a great introduction to the character created by Ben Ferrari and written by Ferrari and Mike Luoma. Set in the conflict of the Middle East in Iraq, Souverain serves as a masked force for justice, operating by going AWOL from her military unit in order to fight crimes that happen on foreign soil. Part revenge fantasy/part bold superhero adventure, this is a character that one most likely wouldn’t see in a mainstream comic. Ben Ferrari writes and draws the first tale, a bit of an origin story for our heroine. Mike Luoma steps in to write two hard-biting, hot button-pressing  prose tales. Think Frank Miller’s HOLY TERROR without all of that bat-shit annoying Frank Miller-ness and you’ll get the drift of this one. This book successfully mixes real world issues with superheroism, while remaining respectful to the men and women fighting overseas and pointing a finger at atrocities performed around the world. This is a fun book which empowers women while it entertains and inspires hope. - Ambush Bug"

I corrected "prose" because that's not quite right - I did write a brand new prose piece, "The Kid", for the book, but he second "story" - the interconnected "One Nation - Under God - Liberty and Justice for All" is a good old fashioned comic book story with art by Ben and letters by Matt Grant and myself.

Get a digital download for 99 cents here:
Order a print copy here:

Another cool review here:
(Thanks, Gordon!)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Tunes of 2011

It was a pretty good year, despite Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene's attempt to wash some of Vermont off the map. Pop culture-wise, while much was cringe-worthy there were some real gems - take Game of Thrones, for example. I think it's the first time a TV series got me reading a book series - and both were fantastic.

It feels like music is getting better - more bands are doing creative, interesting things. Of course, I've been exposed to more new music over the last couple years, so that may be coloring my judgement. As I get into new releases by bands with histories, I do like having earlier releases to go back to check out.

I've been asked to pick my Top Five Albums of 2011 a couple of times, so I've had to think about it... it keeps changing... so this top five is my third different one I've committed to print!

Number Five: Opeth - Heritage

Number Four: My Morning Jacket - Circuital

Number Three: Blitzen Trapper - American Goldwing

Number Two: Bright Eyes - The People's Key

Number One: Frank Turner - England Keep My Bones

There are more picks from this year on this YouTube Playlist:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Never-Before-Revealed Bonus Material - AND Two Chapters of VATICAN ASSASSIN!

Never-before-revealed bonus fiction on today's Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast!

Get caught up with a quick rundown of the story so far and then hear Chapters 10 and 11 of Vatican Assassin on this episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio! There's also bonus short fiction, a short story fragment set in 2072 - 37 years prior to the story being told now! Hear a part of fictional history, right after the chapters from the novel.
BC - the Vatican Assassin - recuperates after he's nearly killed. Hasn't been able to talk for a couple of weeks. He was left for dead in a deserted outbuilding, marooned without air on the lunar surface by a double agent during the last attack on Lunar Prime by the Universal Islamic Nation. Now it's time for BC to check back in with his boss... The Pope!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Two Adventures - One Podcast!

Here it is - podcast number 181! Vatican Assassin AND Souverain!

This week on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio it's chapters eight and nine of my science fiction adventure VATICAN ASSASSIN! Get a quick rundown of the story so far as BC - the man who kills for the Pope - tries to get away with murder, after almost getting killed himself! And then hear the new chapters. PLUS the bonus this episode is the second part of my short story "Souverain: The Kid" - our favourite soldier and vigilante is taking on suicide bombers and the U.S. Army! The entire short story is in the new book SOUVERAIN #1 from Earthbound Comics! From deep space to the deadly streets of Iraq - with a little bit of book news, too... Links:

Saturday, December 03, 2011

War Between Planets and Vigilantes in the Middle East!

Hear Chapter Seven of Vatican Assassin and Part One of "Souverain: the Kid" on this episode!

The Universal Islamic Nation (UIN) brings the war from Mars back to the Moon and Earth Orbit in chapter seven of my science fiction adventure VATICAN ASSASSIN! Listen in for a quick rundown of the story so far to get up to speed, and then enjoy the ride! PLUS there's a bonus on this podcast episode - you'll hear part one of the audio adaptation of my short story "Souverain: The Kid" - as our favourite soldier and vigilante deals with the hero worship of a local and the U.S. Army - The entire short story is out this week in SOUVERAIN #1 from Earthbound Comics! From deep space to the deadly streets of Iraq - with a little bit of book news, too...


Sample Saturday Featuring VATICAN ASSASSIN!

Check out my buddy Jake Bible's blog today to read the first four chapters of Vatican Assassin! Jake has a feature called "Sample Saturday" where he posts free tastes of folks' work for your reading pleasure:

Thursday, December 01, 2011


My new book is out today - SOUVERAIN  #1! More a group effort than mine alone, of course. The character was created by Earthbound Comics founder Ben Ferrari, and he wrote the origin story in this issue. And Ben draws and inks all the comic book stories collected here. Former Earthbound honcho Matt Grant letters three of the four stories - I lettered the fourth and did the production work on the issue - spending a bunch of time on things you won't really notice but that hopefully make the book more cool!

For those who asked - Mike, love Souverain, but do I have to buy all those Lady Fight issues to get her whole story? Not anymore! All four of Souverain's Lady Fight stories are now gathered here under one cover -  And what a cover! With pencils and inks by Seth Frail and color by Chuck Michael Obach, the brand-new cover art really sets the tone for the issue - Beautiful!

For those now wondering - Mike, why should I buy this new issue if the stories are from those other books? Well, I've written a brand-new prose short story "The Kid" with new illustrations by Kitae Kim - there's a bunch of brand-new material!

For those of you wondering who the hell Souverain is, in these pages you can "Meet the woman who works with the U.S. Army by day and strikes out at night delivering justice on her own as the vigilante SOUVERAIN!"

It's in print here (Indy Planet):

Get the 99 cent download at Drive thru Comics:

And there's been a review: