Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hear the new edition of "Alibi Jones: Vacation" on the Podcast!

The novel Alibi Jones was only the beginning of The Adventures of Alibi Jones! "Alibi Jones: Vacation" keeps the adventure going - And gives you a perfect jumping-on point if you're new to my science fiction!

Alibi Jones: Vacation is a stand-alone short story - no prior reading/listening required. Hoping for some rest and relaxation, Alibi Jones and his girlfriend Katie decide to visit their Dakhur friend Kit in his new assignment on the planet Paradise. But Paradise doesn't really live up to its name... Instead of downtime, they find a coup going down around them, as Christopher Blakely attempts to overthrow the planetary government - led by his mother! 

Listen after the story for details on a new contest - a chance for you to win a signed print edition of Alibi Jones: Vacation!
And before the story, check out a promo for Phil Rossi's new short Frederick's Little Secret (Voice over talent: Zeus Legion; Music by Nine in Nails available under creative commons at
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