Monday, August 08, 2011

New Anthology on the Way From Earthbound Comics!

I've been working hard on the new anthology from Earthbound Comics this weekend - pushing it over the finish line! It's now off to Ka-Blam for print copies and up on Drive Thru Comics for digital downloads. Official release date is September 1st! I'm proud of this book, even though I've only got a four page short story in it's 36 pages. I've been working on the production and helping pull together the book - it's really the first Earthbound book that I've been full time production manager on, as The Longhunters #1 was a previously released work. I helped to give it it's new look, and get the book out... but the new anthology is a bit more my baby. Well, it's a book with a bunch of fathers and a couple of mothers - all the creators involved have a lot to be proud of.

Here's a look at the cover, and the book info follows:

Earthbound Comics Presents #1 - The new anthology from Earthbound Comics! Travel to dangerous, distant parts of the universe... and run into nearer threats just down the road a ways. Meet Villains – naturally - and some heroes, too. There's horror, and comedy - get a taste of what's to come from the new era of Earthbound Comics!

"The Core" - Story by Max Fauser and Ethan Slayton - Art by Ethan Slayton - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

"Shots Fired: Shake And Bake" - Story by Buck Weiss - Art by Ruth Garcia - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

"Alibi Jones In Over His Head" - Story and Letters by Mike Luoma - Art by Juan Carlos Quattordio

"Villains: Preview" - Story by Ethan Slayton - Art by Ben Ferrari - Letters by Nikki Foxrobot

Cover Art by Federico Guillen

For Earthbound Comics - Ben Ferrari: Publisher and Editor in Chief - Mike Luoma: Production Manager - Buck Weiss: Web and Promotions

Earthbound Comics Presents #1 Published by Earthbound Comics. 1826 Silverwood Drive, Concord CA 94519. Earthbound Comics copyright Ben Ferrari 2011. All stories and related characters, logos and trademarks herein are copyright by their respective creative teams 2011.