Monday, August 01, 2011

My Letter to Senator Patrick Leahy

I have been a supporter and a fan of our senior Senator Pat Leahy (D- VT) for decades. I can no longer offer him my support, as he has just endorsed the Debt Ceiling Crisis Agreement that sells off our future and sacrifices the well being of those who can least afford it. Here's the letter I just sent:

Senator Leahy,

As a long time supporter, I am devastated to hear you are supporting the Debt Ceiling Crisis agreement. Along with President Obama, you have squandered my faith in government, in the Democratic Party, and politics in general. You have traded away my decades of support to appease the treasonous, unconstitutional bully boys in the Republican Party. Bringing the nation to a point of breakdown and global disgrace should not be rewarded.

God, I wish Democrats could show a hint of spine. This capitulation is disgusting.

I am sorry to have to write a letter like this. I will be removing myself from your mailing lists as well.

Mike Luoma