Saturday, October 08, 2011

Alibi Jones: About Time Part Two!

The time travel adventure continues!

Hear an audio adaptation of my new story Alibi Jones: About Time on the Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast! It's from The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1- now available from Earthbound Comics! 3 stories and 3 pinups, 40 pages of art and letters under one cover - sequential storytelling at its finest! AND you can listen to part two of "About Time" on this week's episode. Enjoy!

The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1 is just 99 cents for the digital download at Drive Thru Comics:
And only $2.99 for the 40p print comic book at Indy Planet:

It's Science Fiction adventure in the 2130's - Welcome to the world of ALIBI JONES – Come along as Humankind expands into the stars! Alibi Jones is a Mediator in The Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force – The SAIF – negotiating treaties and agreements between humankind and alien races. And getting into - and hopefully out of - all kinds of all too interesting situations. The Stories in the comic book include "Blind Eye" – illustrated by MEISHA – which takes place early in Alibi Jones' career. "Father's Day" – illustrated by RHYS AP GWYN – a Flashback 23 years to the eventful day Alibi met his father, Bernard Campion – the VATICAN ASSASSIN! And there's "About Time" - illustrated by MEISHA - Four years after the events of "Blind Eye" Alibi runs into an old... friend? She's brought a mysterious package with her – and a whole lot of trouble! The book also has "The Dakhur" and "The Flaze" - Alien Portraits by cover artist FEDERICO GUILLEN as well as his action pin-up, "Alibi Under Fire". All Stories Written and Lettered by myself, Mike Luoma. Again - hear part two of "About Time" on this podcast episode!

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