Monday, October 24, 2011

Artists Needed For Two New Projects

If you've come to the blog as a result of my posting for artists, welcome. Thanks for checking this out! At this point I'm seeking pencilers or penciler/inkers for two stories which will be published by Earthbound Comics.

Always like to be up front - These aren't cash jobs. Instead, creators working with Earthbound get a comp and then issues at cost plus shipping to sell to make profits (akin to putting out your own book). There's more information at their site: If this arrangement sounds beneficial to you, read on and see if you'd like to join my team.

I'm looking for an artist for the 21-page science fiction story "Alibi Jones: Vacation". This will be the centerpiece of issue #2 of The Adventures of Alibi Jones from Earthbound Comics. -- Alibi is an established character. This new story needs a sharp, futuristic look consistent with the character's other appearances in issue one and other stories. This story features Alibi trying to take a break with his girlfriend Katie on the planet Paradise, only to find a coup going down that they get caught up in.

I'm also seeking an artist for the 17-page urban fantasy "The Shift: Angela's Story". This is destined for the second issue of the anthology title Earthbound Comics Presents. -- Angela is seeing things. Things like strange looking woodland creatures walking down city streets, there one second, gone the next. Houses suddenly coated by growing ivy, only to appear clean a moment later. Now she's met a man who tells her what she's seeing is very real - our world and a world of magic are "Shifting" together thanks to the machinations of an evil sorcerer from the magic world. Angela's ability to see "The Shift" makes her special - this new acquaintance is looking to recruit her to his side of an upcoming battle.

Need to find the right artist to make these stories shine. If you are interested, please send me an email at: Please include information about your work and links to your material online. Looking forward to hearing from you – Mike