Saturday, October 22, 2011

Encore! Encore!

Hear an encore presentation of the audio short story Alibi Jones: Vacation on today's episode of The Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast! 

"Vacation" originally appeared as part of the Audio Anthology Podioracket Presents: Visionaries - available at You can read the story as an eBook or in print - find out more at my website
It's 2135 - Alibi is in the SAIF (Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force) Mediation Corps. He handles negotiations between humanity and alien races, and occasionally oversees negotiations between alien races. He's the adopted son of the former head of the Solar Alliance, Anita Capituna, his "Aunt Anita". Alibi and his girlfriend Katie are trying to get some rest and relaxation on the vacation planet Paradise. It's not working out so well, as the colony's leadership has just been overthrown in a violent coup...
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Check out Podioracket Presents: Visionaries