Thursday, July 04, 2013

Couple More From The First Half...

Couldn't contain myself. You know, once you start making these lists, it gets a little addictive. Plus, I did remember some more stuff I should mention.

LORDE - The Love Club EP

When I first heard "Royals" I almost dismissed it as simple techno pop... but found I couldn't turn it off. And when I paid attention to the lyric, I began to really love it. Then it got stuck in my head. So i began to play it for people. And they liked it. So I brought it into our Music Meeting at The Point and told Zeb, "You know, I'm not usually into stuff like this..."

I left "Royals" off the first list because the song has taken off - figured it didn't need my help. But I've reconsidered, because it is one of my favorites from the first half of 2013. If you haven't heard it yet? Enjoy!

Stars "Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It"

Besides having the longest title for a pop song in quite some time, this tune also has a sort of 80s New Wave vibe that works in its new, contemporary setting. They just put out a video for it - it's kind of a drag... heh:

Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

A recent acquisition I've been listening to a lot in the car. Should be on the list. Though the album is called Tomorrow's Harvest, I like it in part because it reminds me of Tangerine Dream's late 70's - early 80's work. Those of you who might remember my show Headphones Only won't be surprised that this is in my wheelhouse!

This album took me completely by surprise. I look at local album sales figures as part of my job, and this debuted pretty high in Burlington in first week sales. Stuck around in the top 30 or so the next week. I was curious, so I checked out samples at emusic - not what I expected at all! And? I liked it! This is a whole album experience - feels like instrumental science fiction. I'd recommend getting the whole thing - but to single out a track, here someone has uploaded one of my choices - "New Seeds":

Until next time...