Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Favorite Tunes of 2013 So Far...

Been seeing "Best Of 2013 So Far" lists and got inspired to offer my own personal list. Some of these you may have heard on the radio - especially if you listen to The Point, the independent radio network here in Vermont where I'm the Music Director ( Some of these tunes didn't get any airplay - I just love 'em! Love my job, too - get to hear soooo much new music. The shear amount being released and sent to radio stations in The Point's format - "AAA" - Adult Album Alternative - is staggering. And awesome!

A couple of these are songs I shared on Caitlin Pierce's Wore Out blog for a Five Song Friday a few weeks ago: - thanks again for letting me opine on your soapbox, Caitlin!

Frank Turner - Tapedeck Heart

Really Love this new album from Frank Turner! "Recovery" is all over the airwaves - but these two - "The Way I Tend To Be" and "Plain Sailing Weather" - are my favorites. At least, for now!

Wake Owl - Wild Country EP

Wake Owl was one of my first favorites this year. A minor confession: "Wild Country" - the EP's title cut - actually crossed my desk in promo form in late 2012... but, it makes this list as the official release didn't come until this year. When I first heard "Wild Country" it gave me chills...

The Lone Bellow - "You Never Need Nobody"

This Brooklyn-based trio came to my attention with this song. Heard it for the first time just after Christmas. There's a power here...

Phosphorescent - Muchacho

Speaking of chills... "Song For Zula" has to be on this list. Wish I could find the version he did on Jimmy Fallon's show... instead, here's a cavewoman, I think:

Shout Out Louds "Walking In Your Footsteps"

A bit of pure power pop rock from Sweden. Yeah, it's got flute.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "No Need For A Leader"

Holy Psychedelia, Batman! Do I know much about Unknown Mortal Orchestra? No. Do I know a great riff and rhythm when I hear it? Oh yes.

Arctic Monkey "Do I Want To Know"

Cruised through my watch history on You Tube as I was putting this list together. Had almost forgotten this new tune from Arctic Monkeys! It's probably sacrilege to say it reminds me of Muse, but I've always been kind of a heretic...

The Lonely Wild "Everything You Need"

This up-and-coming band has an interesting mix of influences, kind of Tex-Mex, sort of a high lonesome sound... or maybe that's the influence of the band's name... No official video for the song, but this one is fun!

That's all for now... if I think of others, I'll post 'em!